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We are renowned for our diligent effort to provide service in reasonable and sometimes exceedingly satisfactory timeframes. So our Best Choice Guarantee goes to you, which means, if you're not happy with our quote, you can quit. No obligations, no fees.

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A short history

We've come a long way since 1995. Here are a few milestones, looking back.
  • 01 November 2016Rebranding

    In line with our vision to keep up with the times, we updated our brand presence in the market, not only to assure our existing clients we believed in growth, but to attract new investment and partnerships by building a brand that is strong, bold, modern and accommodating to the future.
  • 01 June 2015Our Vigintennial Anniversary

    AccuProf Insurance Brokers turned 20 in 2015. We pushed the limits of our business and introduced new types of cover to meet the new challenges faced by both businesses and individuals alike. We made real strides towards affording our clients affordable service, sometimes with premium benefits.
  • 01 June 200510 Year Anniversary

    We celebrated 10 years of brokerage. Inflation at the time averaged at a whopping 4.51 %. This was a momentous occasion for us because for the first time we recorded no underwritten losses. We soldiered on as usual…
  • 01 June 1995Established

    AccuProf Insurance Brokers started in 1995 less than a year into South Africa's independence. The scope and dynamics of the insurance markets then, were volatile, with lots of scepticism and unsureness. But AccuProf survived the tides of change and soldiered on.